Assalamualaikum everyone!

First of all, we're selling an accessory for the headscarf or what we would normally call, 'Clip tudung'. Okay we're sure some of you are wondering how the clip should be worn. Well, the images below say it all! Anyhow, it's entirely up to you on how to wear it. It can be worn at the back or the front, depending on how you want to accessorize your headscarf. We welcome any enquiries so just drop us an email! Till then.

Love, Peanut & Lulu



Payment method will be advised upon submitting the form. We would greatly appreciate if you could read our Terms and Condition prior to placing the order to avoid any problems. No backing out, please. Thank you! :)

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Sunday, November 22, 2009


                                           * Please click on image to enlarge  
B4010 - RM35 RM20
B4011 - RM35 RM20 (SOLD)
B4005 - RM35 RM20
B4006 - RM35 RM20

                                            * Please click on image to enlarge  
                     B4007 - RM35 RM20 (SOLD)
B4004 - RM35 RM20
B4013 - RM35 RM20
B4008 - RM35 RM20
B4009 - RM35 RM20
                                            * Please click on image to enlarge
B4018 - RM30 RM25 
B4027 - RM28 RM19
B4040 - RM8 (SOLD)
B4029 - RM20 RM15
                                             * Please click on image to enlarge  
                      B4017 - RM28 RM20 (SOLD)
B4014 - RM26 RM20 (SOLD)
B4015 - RM26 RM20
B4037 - RM15 RM10
B4038 - RM15 RM10
                                              * Please click on image to enlarge
B4030 - RM20 RM15 
B4035 - RM18 RM15
B4025 - RM20 RM15
B4039 - RM18 RM8 (SOLD)

                                            * Please click on image to enlarge  
B4046 - RM28 RM25 (SOLD)
B4047 - RM26 RM19
B4048 - RM15 RM12

Monday, November 2, 2009


We are happy to introduce our very first batch of handmade clip tudung! For clarity, please click on the image to enlarge.

A001 - RM30
A002 - RM27
A003 - RM22
A004 - SOLD

A005 - SOLD
A006 - RM26
A007 - RM26
A008 - RM26

A009 - RM25
A010 - RM30
A011 - RM25
A012 - RM20

A013 - RM24
A014 - RM25
A015 - SOLD
A016 - RM15

A017 - RM30
A018 - RM25
A019 - SOLD
A020 - RM20

A021 - RM20
A022 - RM22
A023 - SOLD